Processing the World We Live In


Literary Voices React to President Donald Trump

I’m in a whirlwind. I am angry, sad, confused, disillusioned, heartbroken, hopeless, and genuinely shaken to the core. I am afraid to write on this because I don’t know what will come out. But here are the voices of others who have spoken.

Please love each other. Please care for each other. Please protect each other. I do not have a government that speaks for me and I apparently misunderstand human nature. But I do know that I, as a straight, white male, will not be as affected as others. And I will do everything in my power to fight for those who have been shouted down and cast out and ostracized and made to fear for this entire campaign process and the foreseeable future.

I still believe in the power of the personal. I see a lot of hate, more than I ever could have truly imagined existed. And that has been shocking. But I still have hope that there is good in the world, and I will fucking fight for it. Please do the same. Fight for the good in humanity and the world and the country and every person you see. We are going to have a lot of shit thrown at us in the next four years and maybe even beyond, but I know that I am going to face the storm in the embrace of the people I love, and that is the only way to survive. To change. To hope.

Just love.

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